Elkins Speedway
Elkins Speedway

Jul 25, 2010 - Shawn Davis Banks "Dingess Lumber 30" AMRA Road Warrior Tour $$$ !

Kerens, WV - Shawn Davis of Salem, WV driving his own #29 GRS Chassis pocketed $1,200 after capturing the "Dingess Lumber 30" event for the AMRA Road Warrior Modifieds Friday night at the Elkins Speedway.
A hot, humid friday eventually turned into a comfortable night of racing in the hills of West Virginia. In the nights headlining event, Dave Defibaugh of Mill Creek, WV looked to be having things his way after he toured the 3/8 mile dirt track fastest of any of his competitors setting fast time for the Road Warrior Tour modifieds.
Defibaugh, after winning the first of three qualifying heat races discovered he had serious transmission problems.  This sent the crew scrambling for a solution and finally, apparently, the only solution was to race back to the race shop (about 1/2 hour from the track) to find a replacement. Defibaugh barely made the call for the main event lineup, breathing a sigh of relief from his many fans in the stands.
Early in the race, Defibaugh took control of the 30-lap event and looking to write one of those feel good stories about overcoming obstacles...however, Shawn Davis began closing in on Defibaugh and certainly had things mapped out in his mind with a very different outcome.  
Davis slowly began to real in leader Defibaugh, using an extremely low groove.  The car began to respond and Davis then began to apply the pressure on Defibuagh's Lightning Chassis #77.  Choosing his line carefully, Davis took advantage of race- leader Defibaugh's slight push exiting turn two and Davis shot underneath him going down the backchute to take the top spot.
Once out front, Davis was able to settle in, hit his marks and endure the remaining laps without a serious challenge.
Defibaugh remained in the runner up spot until the checkered flag was waving ahead of Deana Groves, Matt Holcomb and Phil Jeffries.
Join us this coming Friday, July 30th for the rescheduled Autograph & Picture Night !  Fans bring your cameras and Sharpies!
$700 to win for Street Stocks!
Also, don't forget on Saturday, Aug. 7 the "R.H. Armstrong Classic" for Super Lates!  $3,000 to win - $300 to start! 
AND the "Roy's RV SuperCenter 30" $1,000 to win for FASTRAK Late Models!
304-636-3339 raceday only
"Dingess Lumber 30" AMRA Road Warrior Tour Time Trials:
Fast Qualifier - #77 - Dave Defibaugh - Mill Creek, WV - 16.37
2) #11 - Matt Holcomb - 16.63
3) #GRS2 - Deana Groves -16.89
4) #16 - Vic Vandergrift - 16.89
5) #22 - Mike Murphy - 16.89
6) #29 - Shawn Davis - 16.89
7) #J4 - Phil Jeffries - 16.89
8) #D2 - Nolan Dalton - 17.14
9) #000 - Robert Garnes - 17.14
10) #23 - Louie Krushansky - 17.40
11) #44 -
12) #1H - Jeff Hess - 18.69
13) #5x - Junior Payne - 18.69
14) #28 - John Maxwell - 18.95
15) #67R - Larry Atha - 20.23
16) #20 - Matthew Chenoweth - 21.79
17) #83 - Rob Smith - 22.30
18) #88 - Nathan Baker - No Time
Heat 1 - Dave Defibaugh, Vic Vandergrift, Louie Krushansky, Phil Jeffries, Matthew Chenoweth, Junior Payne.
Heat 2 - Shawn Davis, Deana Groves, Robert Garnes, Nathan Baker, Jeff Hess, Larry Atha.
Heat 3 - Mike Murphy, Matt Holcomb, Nolan Dalton, Joe Hamon, John Maxwell, Rob Smith.
"Dingess Lumber 30" AMRA Road Warriors - $1200 to win:
SHAWN DAVIS, Dave Defibaugh, Deana Groves, Matt Holcomb, Phil Jeffries, Robert Garnes, Joe Hamon, Matthew Chenoweth, Vic Vandergrift, Junior Payne, Nathan Baker, Rob Smith, Mike Murphy, John Maxwell, Nolan Dalton, Jeff Hess, Larry Atha, Louie Krushansky. 
Super Lates
Heat 1 - Bob Gordon, Butch McGill, Skip Hare, Richard Frazier, Steve Booth, Jamie McCloud, John Parsons, Tracey Cooper.
Heat 2 - Charlie George, Tim Senic, Steve Wilmoth, Billy Holbert, Jacob Hawkins, Chuck Harper, Shawn Poling.
Feature - BOB GORDON, Butch McGill, Charlie George, Steve Wilmoth, Chuck Harper, Jamie McCloud, Richard Frazier, Steve Booth, Billy Holbert, John Parsons, Tracey Cooper, Shawn Poling, Jacob Hawkins.  
Street Stocks
Heat 1 - Johnny Singleton, Randy Bohan, Samantha Rogers, Bill Vandevender, Teresa Vaughn, Ricky Vest, Kenny Rowback, RD Isner, Steve Sisler.
Feature: RANDY BOHAN, Johnny Singleton, Teresa Vaughn, Samantha Rogers, Kenny Rowback, Ricky Vest, RD Isner, Steve Sisler.
4Cylinder/Junkyard Warrior
Heat 1 - Bobby Dennison, Jason Frazier, BillyMartin, Justin Hornick, Tom Frazier, Zack Williams.
Feature: JUSTIN HORNICK, Bobby Dennison, Jason Frazier, Zack Williams, Billy Martin, Tom Frazier.
Miller's Used Cars Pure Stocks
Heat 1 - Lester Huffman, Rusty Ball, Robin Maxson, Justin Sinnett, Tommy Pennington, Jimbo Owens.
Heat 2 - Dusty Isner, Chris Ice, Bill Deem, Chad McClain, Kenny Vest, Wes Herron.
Feature: CHRIS ICE, Kenny Vest, Lester Huffman, Jimbo Owens, Justin Sinnett, Dusty Isner, Chad McClain, Robin Maxson, Rusty Ball, Bill Deem, Tommy Pennington, Wes Herron.
FASTRAK Late Models
Heat 1 - Rick Strickler, Dusty Hamrick, Derek Doll, Cody Hardesty, Greg Hicks, Chris Zickefoose.
Heat 2 - Kyle Thomas, Kevin Keene, Chad Green, Kris Southern, Mike Sturms, Matt Lopez.
Feature: KYLE THOMAS, Dusty Hamrick, Chad Green, Derek Doll, Kevin Keene, Rick Strickler, Duane Moreland, Greg Hicks, Kris Southern, Chris Zickefoose, Mike Sturms, Matt Lopez, Cody Hardesty.

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