Elkins Speedway
Elkins Speedway

Jul 31, 2010 - Leasure Makes Long Tow Pay off For Street Stock Special!

Kerens, WV - July 30, 2010 - Beautiful skies, mild temperatures and the smell of gas and racing alcohol greeted dirt racing fans friday night in the hills of West Virginia at Elkins Speedway.

Headlining the evenings race program was the Street Stock special, a 20-lap showdown paying $700 to the winner.  It was all Ed Leasure in this event as he started up front and simply dominated the feature, making the long 4-hour tow all the way from Cambridge, Ohio area payoff.  With Leasure checking out from the field early in the race, second-running Mike Duritsky of Uniontown, Pa. looked to be holding his own when all of the sudden disaster struck the #90 machine as he quickly pulled pitside ending his night early on lap 14. Last weeks feature winner and Elkins Speedway regular Randy Bohan of Weston, WV then took over the runner-up spot, holding off McClellandtown. Pa.'s Jim Byers and Belington, WV's Ricky Vest for the remaining laps.

Ed Leasure and Randy Bohan won the two qualifying heat races.

Elkins Speedway will NOT be racing Friday, Aug.6

Join us Saturday, Aug.7 for the "R.H. Armstrong Classic" $3K to win for Super Lates / "Roy's RV SuperCenter 30" for FASTRAK Late Models

Gates open @ 4 with hotlaps @ 7:30

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304-636-3339 raceday only



Heat 1 - Ed Leasure, Mike Duritsky, Teresa Vaughn, Dusty Swecker, Ricky Vest, Barry Farris.

Heat 2 - Randy Bohan, Jim Byers, Bill Vandevender, Samantha Rogers, Johnny Singleton, Steve Sisler.

Feature (20-laps/ $700 to win) - ED LEASURE, Randy Bohan, Jim Byers, Ricky Vest, Barry Farris, Bill Vandevender, Teresa Vaughn, Johnny Singleton, Samantha Rogers, Dusty Swecker, Mike Duritsky, Steve Sisler.


Heat 1 - Billy Holbert, Skip Hare, Steve Wilmoth, Steve Booth, Tim Senic, Jamie McCloud, Shaun Poling.

Heat 2 - Chuck Harper, Bob Gordon, Butch McGill, Charlie George, Nick Corley, John Parsons, Tracey Cooper.

Feature - BILLY HOLBERT, Chuck Harper, Butch McGill, Steve Wilmoth, Bob Gordon, Charlie George, Tim Senic, Shaun Poling, Steve Booth, John Parsons, Jamie McCloud, Nick Corley, Skip Hare, Tracey Cooper.


Heat 1 - Cody Hardesty, Kyle Thomas, Mike Lewis, Daniel Hill, Kevin Keene, Kris Southern, Stephen Dotson, Joe Loudin, Mike Sturm.

Heat 2 - Dusty Hamrick, Shawn Jett, Duane Moreland, Greg Hicks, Derek Rogers, Chad Green, Matt Lopez, Chris Zickefoose.

Feature - CODY HARDESTY, Dusty Hamrick, Kyle Thomas, Shawn Jett, Daniel Hill, Kevin Keene, Derek Rogers, Greg Hicks, Mike Lewis, Chad Green, Kris Southern, Matt Lopez, Joe Loudin, Stephen Dotson, Chris Zickefoose, Mike Sturm, Duane Moreland.


Heat 1 - Louie Krushansky, Dave Defibaugh, Mike Murphy, Kevin Putnam, Rob Smith, Tom Sigler, Deana Groves.

Heat 2 - Shawn Davis, Phil Jeffries, Tommy Hawk, J.T. Payne, Matthew Chenoweth, John Maxwell, Brandon Kerr.

Feature - Shawn Davis, Louie Krushansky, Phil Jeffries, Tommy Hawk, Mike Murphy, Kevin Putnam, J.T. Payne, Dave Defibaugh, Tom Sigler, Matthew Chenoweth, Deana Groves, Rob Smith, Brandon Kerr, John Maxwell.


Heat 1 - Tommy Pennington, Brian Mitchell, Kenny Vest, Wes Herron, Kenny Rowback.

Feature - BRIAN MITCHELL, Tommy Pennington, Kenny Vest, Wes Herron, DNS-Kenny Rowback.


Heat 1 - James Nelson, Trey Watson, Olivia Ferguson, Elliott Newlon, Kaitlyn Frazier, Cody Carpenter, Skylar Moats, Trevor Chenoweth.

Heat 2 - Ryan Watson, Alec Frazier, Jackson Jacobs, Austin Simmons,Levi Nolan, Wyatt McKee.

Feature - RYAN WATSON (feature win #17 for the season, 10 feature wins in a row at area tracks), James Nelson, Elliott Newlon, Trey Watson, Alec Frazier, Kaitlyn Frazier, Cody Carpenter, Jackson Jacobs, Austin Simmons, Levi Nolan, Olivia Ferguson, Wyatt McKee, Skylar Moats, Trevor Chenoweth. 


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