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Elkins Speedway

Aug 09, 2010 - Jared Hawkins Scores "R.H. Armstrong Classic" $$ @ Elkins

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Kerens, WV - August 7, 2010 - A picture perfect night in the scenic hills of West Virginia resulted in a great night of racing and packed grandstands as racefans throughout north-central West Virginia converged at Elkins (WV) Speedway for the annual "R.H. Armstrong Classic" for Super Late Models, the "Roy's RV SuperCenter 30" for FASTRAK Late Models a full race program as well as the famous Elkins Speedway super fireworks display.

Jared Hawkins of Fairmont, WV survived three cautions and 50 hard laps to capture the $3,000 top prize in the annual "R.H. Armstrong Classic" for Super Late Models. Hawkins, by virtue of winning the 6-lap dash for fast qualifiers, started on the pole of the main event, withstood early race attempts by West Union, WV's Butch McGill and later navigated the lapped traffic flawlessly to add his name to the record books at one of Elkins Speedway's premier season events.

Beverly, WV's Chuck Harper follwed McGill for much of the early going, trying to use the high groove to make the pass took command of the runner-up spot from McGill after McGill dropped out with a flat right-rear tire on lap 33.  Harper attempted to close the gap, and in closing laps appeared to be doing so but ran out of laps finishing up in second. Connellsville, Pa.s Mason Zeigler turned in another great showing at Elkins, finishing up in the third spot ahead of Elkins, WV's Tim Senic and 12th starting Billy Holbert of Fairmont, WV.

It was all Clarksburg, WV's Dusty Hamrick as he led all 30 laps in the FASTRAK Late Model "Roy's RV SuperCenter 30" event.  The second generation driver took command on the opening lap and was never seriously challenged for the top spot. Hamrick's CW Wright Trucking/Milford Street Used Cars Rocket Chassis number "X" crossed the stripe first ahead of Joe Loudin, Kyle Thomas, Shane Hitt and Daniel Hill.

Join us Friday, August 13th (YIKES!) for the Elkins/Roaring Knob Shootout #3 for Super Lates/FASTRAK Lates and Modifieds. Also a Powder Puff race for 4Cylinder/ Junkyard Warriors Plus A Super CANDY RUSH for Kids!

Gates open @ 5 with Mini Wedge races @ 7 and hot laps @ 7:30

Stay tuned to www.elkinsspeedway.com for updates or call 304-636-3339 on raceday!


"R.H. Armstrong Classic" Summary

Time Trials
Fast Qualifier: Chuck Harper - 15.41
Mason Zeigler - 15.44
Tim Senic - 15.50
Steve Wilmoth - 15.59
Butch Mcgill - 15.62
Jared Hawkins - 15.63
Mike Benedum - 15.69
Jared Miley - 15.71
Bob Gordon - 15.72
Richard Frazier - 15.72
Charlie George - 15.81
Skip Hare - 15.81
Jim McCloud - 15.85
Steve Booth - 15.87
Shaun Poling - 15.97
Billy Holbert - 15.98
LC Powers - 16.00
John Parsons - 16.10
Stanley Spooner - 16.50
Kris Southern - 16.48  

Heat 1- Bob Gordon, Charlie George, Mike Benedum, Jim McCloud, LC Powers, Shaun Poling, Stanley Spooner.

Heat 2- Jared Miley, Skip Hare, Billy Holbert, Richard Frazier, John Parsons, Kris Southern, Steve Booth.

Fast Dash- Jared Hawkins, Steve Wilmoth, Butch McGill, Chuck Harper, Mason Zeigler, Tim Senic.

"R.H. Armstrong Classic" 50 Laps - JARED HAWKINS, Chuck Harper, Mason Zeigler, Tim Senic, Billy Holbert, Jared Miley, Richard Frazier, Steve Wilmoth, Mike Benedum, LC Powers, Jim McCloud, Skip Hare, John Parsons, Kris Southern, Butch McGill, Shaun Poling, Stanley Spooner, Bob Gordon, Charlie George, Steve Booth, Chad Foreman.  

"Roy's RV SuperCenter 30" FASTRAK Late Model Summary

Heat 1- Joe Loudin, Daniel Hill, Duane Moreland, Matt Lopez, Derek Doll, Chris Zickefoose, Mike Sturms.

Heat 2- Dusty Hamrick, Jacob Lash, Shane Hitt, Kevin Keene, Scott Beitzel, Greg Hicks, Stephen Dotson.

Heat 3- Kyle Thomas, Rick Strickler, Chad Green, Joel Prosser, Cody Hardesty, Derek Rogers, Eddie Starkey.

"Roy's RV SuperCenter 30" 30 Laps:

DUSTY HAMRICK, Joe Loudin, Kyle Thomas, Shane Hitt, Daniel Hill, Jacob Lash, Duane Moreland, Joel Prosser, Rick Strickler, Derek Rogers, Chad Green, Cody Hardesty, Greg Hicks, Chris Zickefoose, Eddie Starkey, Mike Sturms, Derek Doll, Kevin Keene, Scott Beitzel, Matt Lopez, Stephen Dotson.

McDonald's AMRA Modifieds Summary

Heat 1- Phil Jeffries, Dave Defibaugh, Vic Vandergrift, Mike Murphy, Louie Krushansky, Matt Chenoweth.

Heat 2- Shawn Davis, Brian Probst, Tommy Hawk, Kevin Putnam, Nathan Baker.

Feature - SHAWN DAVIS, Phil Jeffries, Vic Vandergrift, Tommy Hawk, Mike Murphy, Matt Chenoweth, Dave Defibaugh, Brian Probst, Louie Krushansky, Kevin Putnam, Nathan Baker.

Street Stocks Summary

Heat 1- Mike Duritsky, Ricky Vest, Jim Byers, Samantha Rogers, Bill Vandevender, car#1 Bohan.

Heat 2- Dusty Swecker, Johnny Singleton, Teresa Vaughn, Ben Policz, Kenny Rowback.

Feature -MIKE DURITSKY, Jim Byers, Ricky Vest, Johnny Singleton, Samantha Rogers, Teresa Vaughn, Bill Vandevender, Dusty Swecker, Ben Policz, Kenny Rowback, car#1 Bohan.

Miller's Used Cars Pure Stocks Summary

Heat 1- Tommy Pennington, Kevin Dotson, Chad McClain, Randy Bohan, Kenny Vest, Bobby Kearns, Bradley Kesline.

Feature - RANDY BOHAN, Kevin Dotson, Chad McClain, Tommy Pennington, Kenny Vest, Bobby Kearns, Bradley Kesline.

4 Cylinder/Junkyard Warrior Summary

Heat 1- Roland Bell, Justin Hornick, Bobby Dennison, Jason Frazier, Kathy Bell, Jeff Hornick, Mike Cromer.

Feature - JUSTIN HORNICK, Jason Frazier, Bobby Dennison, Roland Bell, Kathy Bell, Jeff Hornick, Mike Cromer.

MWRA Mini Wedge Summary

Fewature - JAMES NELSON, Ryan Watson, Elliott Newlon, Paije Bragg, Katlyn Frazier, Austin Simmons, Wyatt McKee, Levi Nolan, Skylar Moats, DJ Defibaugh, Olivia Ferguson, Trevor Chenoweth.

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