Elkins Speedway
Elkins Speedway

Oct 03, 2010 - Jared Hawkins Collects "Fall Festival 30" $$ @ Elkins!

Kerens, WV - Oct. 2, 2010--Sunny skies, changing leaves and a little nip in the air set the stage for a picturesque scene in the hills of West Virginia as racers and fans gathered together for the season-ending events at Elkins Speedway.

A $2,000 winners check is what was at stake for the Super Late Models as 16 cars took their shot during qualifying efforts for the "Fall Festival 30" presented by Roy's RV Supercenter. Clarksburg, WV's Steve Wilmoth edged out Ricky Willaims by just 1/100th of a second to top all other racers to score the Fastest Qualifier honors of the evening, but perhaps more important, a pole-position start of heat race #1.

However, second generation driver Jared Hawkins of Fairmont, WV, staring on the outside of the front row for the 30-lapper, quickly took command of the event, rocketing to the front at the drop of the green flag...and that is exactly where he remained for the entire distance, holding off a few mild challenges by Ricky Williams mid-way through the race.

Fast Qualifier Steve Wilmoth was putting together a respectable effort running second, when all of the sudden on a lap 10 restart, the Renegade Racer's #13 machine did not respond and with his hand outside the window, the other 14 competitor's having to take evasive action to dodge the slumbering race car under the flagstand.

As the race resumed, Hawkins left little to the imagination as to the outcome by simply dominating the remainder of the show. Ricky Williams garnered runner-up spot over Tim Senic, Chuck Harper and Butch McGill.  

Mill Creek, WV's Dave Defibaugh led all 30-laps to capture the "Dingess Lumber 30" win, as well as the $1,000 paycheck at the checkered flag. All eyes were on the epic, race-long battle for second between Brent Trimble and Shawn Davis.
Trimble, making a rare appearance at Elkins Speedway, chose to run the middle groove while 2009 Elkins Speedway Track Champion Shawn Davis utilized the low groove. Both racers kept fans on the edge of their seat with door-to-door action, with neither racer giving an inch to aid his competitor, yet showing respect for each others' ability. Trimble would win the battle on this day finishing second ahead of Davis, Phil Jeffries and 17th starting Joe Cox, who overcame losing a drive shaft during time trials.


"Fall Festival 30" presented by Roy's RV Supercenter Super Late Model Time Trials

Fast Qualifier: STEVE WILMOTH - 15.21
Ricky Williams - 15.22
Jared Hawkins - 15.34
Skip Hare - 15.41
Charlie George - 15.45
Butch McGill - 15.47
Shawn Poling - 15.75
Tim Senic - 15.76
Billy Holbert - 15.78
Richard Frazier - 15.88
Cody Hardesty - 15.91
Jamie McCloud - 16.01
Chuck Harper - 16.13
Mike McFarland - 17.36
John Parsons - 16.16
Bob Gordon - 32.31

Heat 1 - Jared Hawkins, Steve Wilmoth, Billy Holbert, Chuck Harper, Shawn Poling, Cody Hardesty, Mike McFarland, Charlie George.

Heat 2 - Skip Hare, Ricky Williams, Tim Senic, Butch McGill, Jamie McCloud, Bob Gordon, Richard Frazier, John Parsons.

"Fall Festival 30" presented by Roy's RV Supercenter Results

1. JARED HAWKINS, Ricky Williams, Tim Senic, Chuck Harper, Butch McGill, Skip Hare, Bob Gordon, Cody Hardesty, Shawn Poling, John Parsons, Jamie McCloud, Richard Frazier, Steve Wilmoth, Charlie George, Billy Holbert, Mike McFarland.

"Dingess Lumber 30" AMRA Modifieds Time Trials

Fast Qualifier: DAVE DEFIBAUGH - 16.35
Brent Trimble - 16.55
Phil Jeffries - 16.58
Deana Groves - 16.68
Brent Hamilton - 16.70
Ryan Montgomery - 16.86
Ken Patrick - 16.94
Curt Stacy - 16.95
Louie Krushansky - 17.11
Mike Murphy - 17.41
Larry Atha - 18.91
Gary Conners - 22.63
Joe Cox - No Time
Matthew Chenoweth - No Time
Nathan Baker - No Time
Tracey Cooper - No Time

Heat 1 - Dave Defibaugh, Brent Hamilton, Louie Krushansky, Phil Jeffries, Ken Patrick, Larry Atha, Tracey Cooper, Matthew Chenoweth.

Heat 2 - Brent Trimble, Ryan Montgomery, Shawn davis, Deana Groves, Mike Murphy, Gary Conners, Nathan Baker, Curt Stacy, Joe Cox.

"Dingess Lumber 30" AMRA Modifieds Results

1.DAVE DEFIBAUGH, Brent Trimble, Shawn Davis, Phil Jeffries, Joe Cox, Gary Conners, Louie Krushansky, Larry Atha, Brent Hamilton, Mike Murphy, Ryan Montgomery, Curt Stacy, Ken Patrick, Tracey Cooper, Deana Groves, Nathan Baker, Matthew Chenoweth.

FASTRAK Late Models

Heat 1 - Dusty Hamrick, Jeff Lilly, Greg Hicks, Matt Lopez, Scott Beitzel, Ed Hambrick, Joe Adkins, Aaron Barley.

Heat 2 - Joe Loudin, Jacob Lash, Derek Rogers, Tommy Pennington, Ed Hambrick, Kevin Keene, Ed Starkey, Brandon McGrady.

FASTRAK Late Model Feature (20 laps):

1. TOMMY PENNINGTON, Joe Loudin, Jacob Lash, Dusty Hamrick, Ed Hambrick, Jeff Lilly, Kevin Keene, Scott Beitzel, Joe Adkins, Derek Rogers, Ed Starkey, Aaron Barley, Greg Hicks, Matt Lopez, Brandon McGrady.

Street Stocks

Heat 1 - Brian Mitchell, Ricky Vest, Ben Policz, Charlie McClain, Kenny Vest, Teresa Vaughn.

Heat 2 - Jim Byers, Johnny Singleton, Barry Farris, Kenny Rowback, Bryson Sanders, RD Isner.


1. JIM BYERS, Ricky Vest, Brian Mitchell, Charlie McClain, Johnny Singleton, Kenny Rowback, Barry Farris, Kenny Vest, Teresa Vaughn, Bryson Sanders, Ben Policz, RD Isner.

Miller's Used Cars Pure Stocks

Heat 1 - Chad McClain, Pat Frazier, Shawn Smith,Robin Maxson, Dave Bunnell, Dusty Isner, Bobby Isner, Justin Howell.


1. CHAD MCCLAIN, Shawn Smith, Robin Maxson, Pat Frazier,Dave Bunnell.

Junkyard Warriors/4cylinders

Heat 1 - Jason Frazier, Zack Williams, Zack Jones, Jeff Hornick, Terry Wyant.

Feature -

1. ZACK WILLIAMS, Zack Jones, Jeff Hornick, Jason Frazier, Terry Wyant.

MWRA Mini Wedges


1. TREY WATSON, Elliott Newlon, James Nelson, Levi Nolan, Tiffany Jackson, Kaitlyn Frazier, Jackson Jacobs, Hunter Travis, Austin Simmons, Jason Nelson, Cody Carpenter, Skylar Moats, Caleb Nolan.


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